Le Parfait offers a sparkling New Years Menu that is over the top! Luxury Duck Liver Mousse on Brioche, Scallops with Pistachio Vinaigrette, Venison Loin with Smoky Pumpkin Purée and Balsamico Reduction. For dessert a smashing Frozen White Chocolate Mousse Cake. Aprons on, get ready to cook!

All the recipes are from our book Fixa julen. 

Happy New Year!


Le Parfait bjuder på en sprakande nyårsmeny med Anklevermousse på brioche, pilgrimsmusslor med pistagevinägrett, hjortytterfilé med rökig pumpapuré och balsamicosky samt en fantastisk frusen vit chokladmoussetårta till dessert. På med förklädet, in i köket och kocka loss!

Alla recept kommer från vår bok Fixa julen.

Gott Nytt År!


Translating recipes

Again, translate recipes from Swedish to English is sometimes a challenge since we use the Metric System. Some ingredients like flour and yeast for example can be different so it’s especially tricky when it comes to baking. We usually use fresh yeast when baking. So please be patient with some recipes. You might test bake or test cook and make some corrections so it suits your system and ingredients.

Liselotte Forslin recipe developer/Le Parfait